RAW SINS represents humankind's ancient need to get really high! We hunt and gather the most prime fresh frozen on the market and meticulously toil over it to create a unique, natural, affordable and delectable batch of rosin that won't make you feel guilty to indulge. Tap into your innermost desires and come sin with RAW SINS today!

Raw Sins makes Rosin,
Hash Holes, and
Rosin Vaporizers

"The team at Raw Sins has developed a process for creating the most potent and flavorful rosin on the market."

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a solventless type of cannabis extract known for high purity and high potency. Rosin is thought to be the healthiest way to consume cannabis in a concentrate format.

Creating great rosin is an extremely labor-intensive process that requires more top-notch equipment, high quality flower, skilled technicians, and lots of time.

The Raw Sins Process

The team at Raw Sins has spent years perfecting an old-world, solventless extraction process to obtain maximum quality and potency.

Our process contains:
- no additives
- no harsh chemicals
- no hydrocarbons

It's time consuming, but the final product is smooth and far more pleasurable to consume.

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